It’s a new year and things at Doc Porter’s are picking up speed. We hope you all enjoyed many a Doc Porter’s holiday cocktail and are settling into 2016. Since it’s a new year, we figured it was time to make some resolutions. 

Resolution #1: Doc Porter’s GIN for your juice! We’ve been working the test still overtime making single botanical and spice infusions that are helping us find the perfect balance for our upcoming gin release. We’ve set the goal of releasing it in under 5 months, so that you have the perfect base for your summer cocktails.

Resolution #2: Break the internet. We’re on Yelp and we just launched our TripAdvisor site, so if you’ve been in to see us for a tour and tasting, make some online noise and give us a review. We need you to help us spread the good word about drinking local and craft made grain-to-glass spirits! If you haven’t been in for a tour yet, COME SEE US…we’re very friendly.

Resolution #3: Total Charlotte Takeover! We want to make sure we’re in your favorite bars and restaurants. If you’re out on the town and hit a spot that you think should definitely be serving Doc’s, shoot us a tweet and we’ll add them to our call list. Obviously, now that you’re a Doc’s drinker, we don’t want you to ever be without it, so let us know where you need us!

That’s it for resolutions, now on to planning your weekend. This Saturday at 2:30 PM Mixology with Bob Peters is at Earl’s Grocery in Elizabeth and will feature Doc Porter’s. If you’re interested, come learn from the one and only Bob Peters of The Punch Room. As far as Saturdays go, yours is shaping up to be stellar.