Time for another progress report from Doc Porter’s, and this one’s a big one! We’re official…meaning, we have received our NC ABC permit as well as our certificate of occupancy! What does this mean, you ask?

We’re legally allowed to start producing local, NC spirits for you as soon as we tie up a few loose ends…or in our case, solder a few more pipes. Andrew is hard at work in the distillery, and the plan is to hand craft our first batch of vodka over Labor Day weekend! Once it’s Cleverly Crafted and sufficiently taste tested (we know…rough job, right?), we’ll be bottling it up and presenting it to the ABC Commission. After that, our next task is to hit the pavement and get Doc Porter’s into an ABC store near you. We’re so close, we can almost taste it – literally!

In other news, the UPS guy has been a delivery machine over the last few weeks and some cool new toys have arrived. Special deliveries include our vodka bottles, labeler, labels and chiller. Apart from the production supplies, we’ve also spent some time hunting around to outfit our tasting room. We road-tripped to Locust, NC to hand pick some reclaimed barn wood for our bar and came across some other cool finds to bring some vintage flavor to our space. You know we love all things local and these finds from just a few miles down the road are what it’s all about. If you know of any great picking spots, give us a holler on Twitter and tip us off. One of our coolest finds has to be a vintage gurney that we’re turning into a table. We know the Doc would be proud of that one. We’re also working hard to design some Doc Porter’s gear for your purchasing pleasure. We’re talking hats, tees, shot glasses and even some spirited reads on distilling and cocktailing that we think you’ll enjoy.