If you’ve toured our facility, you’ve learned all about how our gin is crafted. Unlike many other gins, Doc Porter’s is entirely grain-to-glass, meaning we make the base of our gin from scratch and then vapor infuse it with our perfect, proprietary blend of fresh citrus, herbs, and spices. When we say fresh citrus, we’re talking grapefruit and oranges and interestingly, for our process we only need the zest. After making Batches 1 & 2, we had eaten about 20 lbs of fresh citrus and in our Vitamin C haze, thought it was a good time to give a shout to our friends at The Living Kitchen. If you live in Charlotte, you’re probably a fan of their menu and amazing lineup of fresh, organic cold-pressed juices. We had the pleasure of touring their prep facility and it was incredible. Every morning, they’re juicing 30-40 lbs of the highest quality organic citrus along with other fruits and vegetables. Now, whenever we make a batch of our Doc Porter’s gin, we pick up the freshly juiced peels and harvest the zest for our vapor infusion. Since they only need the insides, and we only need the outsides, it’s a partnership made in citrus heaven. You can feel good about not only drinking local but drinking a product that brings two local businesses together to ensure that nothing is wasted.

In other news, summer cocktail menus are rolling out all over the city and a new personal favorite of ours is Bob Peter’s “Mother May I?” punch at The Punch Room in the Ritz-Carlton. Stop in to taste it or get instructions to make it yourself at home from the master himself here!